Thursday 3 April 2014

The Rise of the New "More Equal" Class

In Orwell's book, Animal Farm, the pigs launched a campaign to rid the animals of the existing order of the farm (which in the book, was pretty bad at the time), and started a system where every animal was equal.  They were successful.  However, over time we see that the pigs had a plan to take all authority and enjoy all the benefits from the work the other animals contributed.  Everyone was equal, but the pigs were "more equal."
It seems there is a new "more equal" class that will not allow someone who thinks differently then themselves take a place of leadership.  It is strange, yet predictable, that an agenda supposedly supporting "inclusiveness" makes its aim the exclusion of everyone except those who support their cause.  Because Brendan Eich, an eminently qualified individual for leading Mozilla, has supported traditional marriage, he has been forced to "resign" (WikipediaWorld).
The march of the communist agenda continues.
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  1. For a more scathing review of the mentality of those who forced Mr. Eich's resignation, see this post by Matt Walsh:
    - Andrew