Thursday 3 April 2014

Add a Little Ladylike Style to Your Wardrobe {Pinspiration Post}

I'm going to try something new around where every once in a while I'll write a post on a specific topic with some inspiration from Pinterest, as well as some tips from yours truly!

To kick things off, and with the hope of warmer weather in mind, here's some ways you can imbue your outfits with a touch of femininity this spring, while still remaining modest and comfortable as the weather changes!  Even if it's raining and you've thrown on jeans and a t-shirt, it's as easy as this to still achieve that ladylike style!

Add a little sparkle

It's as simple as putting on a bit of jewelry, a sparkly headband, or finding basic items that already have some bling on them.

Add a little pink

I'm biased because its always been my favourite colour, and I know it's the stereotypical girly colour, but for that very reason it will give you a look of youthful femininity!

Add a bow

Bows are great because they can transform an outfit - and depending on the size, fabric, location, etc can be either whimsical or stately.

Add flowers (to your hair!)

What a better sign of spring than putting a colourful bit of nature on.  Though they won't last long (if they're real), they are sure to make those around you smile.

Add a smile

You'll look better and feel better!

But remember
Flesh and blood examples of outward beauty like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn may inspire us to carry ourselves with a little more dignity, but what should really raise our chins and straighten our backs is to know that we are perfectly, matchlessly loved by Christ (Jasmine Bauchum)

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  1. love this post, Stephanie! It's given me a boost of inspiration because I can often dress for warmth and not femininity....glad the weather's warming up so I can bring out my flowy skirts!

    1. Thanks Sydney! You inspire me to dress like a lady every Friday :)

  2. All of these pictures are so cute and girly!!!! Love It! <3

  3. LOVE IT! I am a girly girl anyway, so it's fun to see your simple ideas. I have friend who ALWAYS has a flower clipped in her hair. I think it would be odd to see her without one.