Thursday 24 April 2014

A Giveaway To Make Your Life Less Crazy! :D

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"Plans are useless but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Whether you're running a country or your own home - Mr. Eisenhower's words hold true.  There are usually two ways my day will go, and I'm sure you'll understand what I'm about to say:

  1. I wake up without a specific plan for the day.  We eat breakfast and then I spend some time playing with the kids, waste time on my smartphone, maybe start a load of laundry and all the while have this vague idea in my head about things I should be doing.  By the time everyone's napping I open up my laptop to write a blog post but get distracted by an interesting link on Facebook and just as I'm thinking about getting back on task - Elisabeth wakes up.  I haven't figured out what's for dinner and now we're all set for a 5pm meltdown.  By the end of the day I am super stressed because not only did I not accomplish any of the things I wanted to - I wasn't even intentional about the time I had with Jake and Elisabeth.  Ugh.
  2. I set my alarm and wake up as planned per our daily schedule.  I blog for a half hour before Elisabeth wakes up, and after nursing her I join Andrew and Jake in the kitchen for breakfast.  We talk about what we both want to accomplish that day, and I make a list of my own on an index card - making sure I won't be overwhelmed and can have some good play time with Jake.  Andrew and I check-in with each other at lunch and once I get both children napping I'm ready to hit the floor running for some really productive time!  I had a meal planned and prepped in the morning so that's not in the back of my mind, and at the end of the day I feel calm, cool, collected and GREAT!
It's amazing what small changes like a morning routine, to-do list or meal plan can make.  And that is why I am so excited to be giving away a copy of The Homemaker's Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule as part of our five-days of giveaways celebrating The Ultimate Homemakers Bundle!

I love how Amy provides tactics for both the "Schedule Family" and the "Routine Family". Schedulers thrive when each item throughout the day (and week) is scheduled and the family knows what is meant to be happening most times throughout the day.  Routine people (like me), are happy to have a prioritized list of things they'd like to get done that day (or week), and knock them off one by one, moving on to the next when the previous ones have been finished.  Throughout the book, Amy shows an understanding that some of us approach scheduling differently, and provides resources, strategies and inspiration for all types.  She emphasizes the need for schedules to constantly be in flux - something we've discovered from having changing routines throughout various stages: 1st trimester morning sickness, life with a newborn, summer, winter, and even seasons when I've been inspired to get up at 5am!  

In a section specifically on creating a homeschooling schedule, Amy speaks with the same wisdom, understanding and tact in knowing each family is different, but there are some principles that apply to everyone!  She is spot on when she writes "No matter how you order the day, you must order the day!"

Amy, a homeschooling mother of 7, provides an interesting and helpful look at ideas, schedules and tips that have worked for their family - but doesn't put any pressure on the reader to do things just like she does!  Reading The Homemakers Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule is really like having a wise friend sit down with you and help you come up with what will work best for YOUR family.  Indeed, I wish I knew Amy in person! 

For anyone who desires to thrive in their role as homemaker, Amy's book is a great resource!  The Homemakers Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule is available for only $4.99. I am sure you will agree the investment will pay for itself quickly as you'll come away with some new inspiration and strategies towards creating a structure which works for YOUR family and brings more peace, efficiency, and joy to your home.

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  1. The Ultimate Marriage Vow: 21 Days of a Life-Long Commitment looks good.

    1. Thanks for visiting and entering Laura! We'll actually be reviewing and giving a copy of "Intentional Marriage" on Monday! Have you decided if you're going to be buying the Bundle?

  2. I am really excited about Intentional Marriage and the Fruit of the Spirit study. However, there are a zillion others I would love to read.

  3. I think I'm interested in the natural remedy ebooks and anything with cooking/marriage. Almost all of them. thx

    1. haha! I totally know what you mean! I hope you enjoy them ALL! :)

  4. The whole thing looks good, but anything by Sally Clarkson is interesting to me.