Thursday 14 February 2013

10 Simple Ways to Show RESPECT to your Husband this Valentine's Day (or any day!)

  1. Kiss him before he leaves for work (and when he comes home!). This shows him that your physical relationship is important to you - even in the midst of all the craziness of the morning!
  2. Make his favourite food/snack/treat for lunch. This will send the message that you remember what he likes and want to make him happy.
  3. Call him sometime during the day just to say "I was just thinking of you and wanted to say thanks for all you do to provide for our family."  This really is an important way men show their love for their wives, and it is often overlooked.
  4. Tell him you respect him! Make sure you have some reasons when he asks "What makes you say that?"  (This may sound awkward, but it is sure to make him feel great!)
  5. Suggest you do something together that he likes to do over the weekend.  This is especially meaningful if it's something you don't particularly enjoy.  Be sure to join along with a enthusiastic spirit, not a "you owe me for this" attitude.
  6. Ask him for his thoughts on that theological question that has been brewing around in your mind for a little while, instead of doing a Google search, looking up the "answer" in your Bible study notes, or asking a friend.  Just say "I've been wondering about (such and such) for a while, I thought maybe you would have some insights. What do you think?"
  7. Ask him how his day went and honestly listen.  See if you can learn something new about what he does at his job
  8. Resist the urge to "backseat drive", even if it means you have to use the car ride to re-organize your purse.  By not getting nervous and telling him what to do you show that you know he is a capable driver and you trust him to keep you and your family safe.
  9. Compliment him.  Tell your family, friends and him specific wonderful things he has done for you, and specific things about him that you love.  Make this just a natural part of your conversation and you can be sure he will be beaming inwardly when he overhears you at a friends' house.
  10. Find a way to save money this week, whether by looking through the grocery flyers, using a coupon, or just making a delicious meal on the night you usually order take-out.  Being a wise steward of the family funds shows him that you respect the money he earns to provide for the family.
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(For further reading we recommend Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs)

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are so great I had to copy and paste them into a document so I could print it (wife needs reviews :) Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Good list! :) I was actually laughing when I read #8 because when my husband asked me recently why I always take my knitting in the car even for very short trips, I replied that it was because it helps me not to focus on his driving. He just smiled and laughed, knowing exactly what I meant.

  3. Wow - I'm with JenMarie liking #8.

    But I haven't been smart enough to do something in the car! Gonna add that, for sure - heading to the sunroom to find my crochet hook right now! LOL

  4. Love these responses JenMarie and Lori!

  5. Great list! #8 has inspired me to always bring either cross stitch or reading material. My hubby is an excellent driver, but things seem to come at you faster from the passenger seat ;-)

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