Saturday 15 February 2014

10 Ways to Love & Honour your Wife the Day After Valentines (and every other day of the year.)

  1. Spend time doing things she likes to do.  Before marrying Stephanie, I was not really into playing board games, preferring reading books or physical activity, but playing games is something Stephanie really loves to do, and I love to play with her.
  2. Lead your wife (and children) in family worship.  You are the head of the family, and you are responsible for doing this.  Every day.  Whether you feel like it or not.  So be a man, humble yourself, and search the scriptures for how you should do this.  Some of our most special times are when we come together after the children are in bed, or before they awake, and pray to our Heavenly Father, or sing a hymn that moves our souls.
  3. Talk with her. Talk about the things she wants to talk about. Try to understand (as best you can) what makes her passionate, and why.  Laugh with her and cry with her.
  4. Offer to take care of the children so she bathe.  Stephanie really loves to read a book in a bubble bath, and she loves when I take care of the children so that she can.
  5. Give her flowers.  Make sure you know if she prefers potted or cut flowers.
  6. Write her a card.  Stephanie loves to receive cards.  Though I have never been excited by cards, I know she is.  And I love to write or make cards for her.  On the morning of the 14th, Jake and I each created a card with markers, pens, and lots of smudges, and then went running down the hall, body checking the door open, and brought the cards to Stephanie, who was nursing Elisabeth and had forgotten what day it was.  Stephanie was so happy she almost burst.  (Jake did the body checking, and somehow managed to grab and turn the handle and check the door in one smooth motion all while running... it was quite the scene I saw as I was following.)
  7. Help her get out of the house.  Sometimes, it is nice just to take a break from the regular routine.  Stephanie enjoys 
     browsing books, and curling up on a chair to read at 
    the local Chapters bookstore.  On the plus side, its free.
  8. Take her out on dates.  Stephanie came from a family of restaurateurs, and went out for dinner very often growing up.  I on the other hand probably went out for dinner less than once a year, and was under the mistaken assumption that a 10% tip was generous.  Now, we both enjoy planning and going on dates.
  9. Encourage meaningful friendships with other women.  I encourage her to have friendships with older women (especially where she is gaining wisdom from the older women), with younger women (especially where she is passing on wisdom to the younger women), and with those who are in a similar stage of life.
  10. Tell her you love her.  Even if it is always true, and you have already told her multiple times in the day, most wives will always appreciate hearing those three little words "I love you."

In what ways do you  tell your spouse you love them?

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