Wednesday 12 February 2014

10 Simple Ways to Honour Your Husband this Valentine's Day (or any day!)

  1. Cook his favourite meal.  Either let him choose one of his favourites, or leave one of your cookbooks out (preferably one with pictures) along with a note for him to go ahead and select the meal - which you'll make!
  2. Wear an outfit you know he loves. Make an effort to look extra pretty.  Do your hair the way he likes it.  These are all things he is sure to notice and appreciate.  It's been said that women have a habit of dressing to impress other women - this Valentine's Day, dress to impress your man!
  3. Start training your children to greet daddy joyfully at the door with a big hug, eager to bless him in some way. Have them bring a cup of tea or coffee if they're old enough, put on some music he likes, ask him about his day - whatever will help him to feel relaxed and happy to be home!
  4. Don't expect him to spend lots of money.  It's easy to drop hints and put the pressure on.  But probably many of us could do better to let our husband's know we appreciate them no matter what they buy us for Valentine's Day.  Take the pressure off!
  5. Give a gift that is meaningful to HIM (even if that means nothing at all!).  I love greeting cards, Andrew couldn't really care less about them.  It's easy for me to enjoy picking out a special one for him, but he would rather have any of the above as a Valentine's Day present.  Try to think like your husband!

  6. Romance him. You know what I'm talking about - give him a Valentine's Day he'll really remember.
  7. Ask him what he'd like to do!  We wives sometimes love to try and come up with surprises when our husbands would be just as happy to let us know what they'd like.  Does he want to go out for dinner? Would he rather have another couple over?  Or spend the evening doing something special as a family?  Give him the choice!
  8. Be open to "celebrating" on a day other than the 14th.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and it's not so convenient to celebrate a holiday on a holiday!  Sure it might be more fun to be Valentines-y during all the hype - but if your man is willing to make it a special day, just not the 14th - be thankful!
  9. Don't make it about yourself!  This really summarizes the best mentality you can have to honour your husband this Valentine's Day.  Don't think of it as a day when you have the right to flowers, candy, dinner or other special treatments!  If those things come along, you'll be so much more thankful if you didn't feel entitled to them.  Plus, Andrew and I have learned that our marriage is best when we're first trying to please the other.
  10. Honour your husband everyday!  Some people say it's silly to need a holiday to tell people how much you love them, when we should be doing that all year long.  Same goes with this list.  Imagine if you tried to practice things off this list every day - would it change your marriage? 

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  1. Love number 9! I need to remember that the ways I like to celebrate - be it Valentine's Day or at any other time - may not be what he wants. Celebrating in a way that's meaningful to him is what I want to strive to do.