Monday 12 August 2013

The Bontrager Family Singers - a 2 CD giveaway!

On THURSDAY night I took Stephanie on a date to see the Bontrager Family Singers, a family of 12 that travels part of each year putting on performances at jails, churches, street missions, etc.  The evening was full of musical talent and encouragement.

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5 Reasons We Enjoyed our Date Listening to the Bontrager Family Singers

  1. We were encouraged through the songs and the skits.  These included classic hymns and 20th century praise songs.  A skit representing the cost of discipleship and martyrdom was included that I (Andrew) first heard on a Ray Boltz CD as a little boy.
  2. The Talent.  The children (and the parents) in this family have multiple musical talents.  Between them, we enjoyed excellent banjo, classical guitar, bass guitar, violin, piano, Dobro, harmonica, and mandolin.  Some songs in particular showcased this talent, and we were particularly impressed with "Double Sibling Cooperation" a song in which each sibling strums or bows with one hand on one instrument, and controls the fingerboard or chords on another instrument.  You can watch the video below:

  3. Each of the 12 members of the Bontrager family were obviously happy to be part of the performance. From the youngest (at 4 years old) with her own solo act, to each of the siblings and parents. There were loving smiles amongst the family members and towards the audience during and between the numbers.  Some of our favourite acts were those where the parents expressed love to, or gave direction to one of their children in word or song.
  4. The whole family works well as a team.  From set-up to tear down at each stop, sound expertise, CD production, managing music practices, driving the bus between stops, web site design, and everything in between.  This family models good economics (the word economics comes from the Greek words for "household" and "management".)
  5. By profession, the family are dairy farmers, and I love the down-to-earth good-common-sense of farmers, having worked on a farm myself in the past.

You can see their schedule to find out if and when they are in your area.  I am looking forward to seeing them back in Ontario and will recommend this event to many family and friends.  Please see their website at

We purchased two CDs for ourselves, and decided we would give two more away here!  We will be giving away a copy of "In God We Still Trust" and "We Have This Moment". (You can see the track lists here)  That means two people will be selected each to win one CD.  Simply enter the rafflecopter draw below!

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  1. Would love the We Have This Moment CD!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. We are BONTRAGERS and would love to have these CD's! My girls would just love it! Thanks.

  4. I love the Bontrager Family and their music! The Salt and Light has some of my favorite songs!

  5. I'm looking forward to hearing the "In God we still trust" song. Love this family...