Monday 18 February 2013

Titus 2 vs. Anti-Culture: Seven Battlefields for Young Women

Titus 2:4-5 says that the older women should teach the younger women to:
  1. love their husbands
  2. love their children
  3. be self-controlled
  4. be pure
  5. work at home
  6. be kind
  7. be submissive to their own husband.
In contrast, consider how the anti-culture* is telling young women to act:
  1. Television and media often portray husbands and men as foolish, useless and to be despised.
  2. Families who have eight children are looked at strangely, whereas it is perfectly acceptable to not want any children.
  3. We are told that we should have what we want, when we want, exactly the way we want.
  4. Younger and younger girls are being sexualized in the media, and it is not unusual for school-age children to have a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".
  5. It is much more normal for a daughter, wife, and mother to work outside the home, than to contribute to the family economy in the context of the home.
  6. Young women are more often portrayed as catty gossips than kind mentors to their peers and those younger than them. 
  7. The feminists have made it so it isn't even politically correct to talk about being "submissive" to your own husband, let alone actually doing it. 
We need to be constantly on guard against the lies the anti-culture is perpetrating. They have become so normal in our culture that we often don't even recognize them as the anti-biblical beliefs that they are. 

What are other lies you see our anti-culture teaching young women?

*Geoffrey Botkin put forth the idea that true "culture" is biblically founded and God-honouring.  What we have nowadays would be more aptly called "counter-culture" or "false-culture".  (From his talk "How to Disciple a Nation")


  1. What a contrast! I have found myself wondering when these Titus two mandates became a "gray area" in the church. You may enjoy a post I wrote recently about this very topic:

  2. #4 is no joke. Some parents just think it is so cute when their kids come home with crushes on their classmates or "boyfriends/girlfriends." Recently, there was a little boy, just 10 years old, who threatened and plotted (very seriously) to kill his "Ex-girlfriend" after she broke up with him. This boy should have been building birdhouses in the backyard with his dad or climbing trees with his friends. At that age, he doesn't have (nor should he have) the emotional capability to handle a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Luckily, another boy turned him in before anyone got hurt, but this could have turned out very badly.