Monday 25 February 2013

3 Reasons Christans Should be Concerned by the 2013 Academy Awards

I want to highlight three areas in which Christians should be careful not to be desensitized, three areas that were strongly portrayed in last night's Academy Awards presentation.
Firstly, I believe that there can be worth in celebrating the best in an industry.  In celebrating that which is true and good and pure (Phil 4:8), and which is encouraging to others (1 Thes 5:11).  It didn't even seem that this was the goal of last night.  Sure they handed out awards - but the rest of the time they were mocking those who have worked to create the movies they are meant to be celebrating.  Have we as a society become so cynical to that we can't even sincerely celebrate an accomplishment without making underhanded jokes at it's expense?  I see this in my daily interactions;  people are so quick to make fun of something/someone, being hurtful in the name of "humour" (Prov 26:18-19), and anyone who speaks out against it is told to "lighten up" or "have a sense of humour" - as if those qualities are to be desired more than holiness, respect and love. 

Secondly, it is no secret that Hollywood is largely consists of social "progressives" - a group who allegedly stand up against traditional values for "women's rights" and "gender equality".  Yet in the introductory monologue we saw a whole song devoted to normalizing female nudity in the media, and perpetuating the sexualization of women.  Granted they would probably tell you that this IS standing up for women's rights!  A women's right to be objectified! 

Consider which view is more respectful of women:
  • The biblical view that men and women are equal in God's eyes. They are equally sinful, and equally able to be redeemed by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. And then they are both given the same status as children of God and co-heirs with Christ.  God has given men and women DIFFERENT roles, which are complementary and allow men and women to work together to bring glory to God and do His will. Women are given the PRIVILEGE of being under the protection and leadership of either their husband or their father (Num 30:3-5, Eph 5:22-23).  They are given the OPPORTUNITY to care for their children, husband and be keepers at home (Titus 2:4-5, 1 Tim 5:8). They are to be loved sacrificially by their husband's and are to be treated with all purity (Eph 5:25, 1 Tim 5:1-2).
  • The worldly view is that men and women must be treated EXACTLY the same.  Women should not be given the privilege of being protected by men, and should be required to do the same tasks, for example to fight in wars, and provide for their families - even if that means leaving their children as early as six weeks to go back to work.  The feminists have tried to tell us this is "opportunity" but I haven't spoken to any women who was happy to HAVE to go back to work, as many feel they must.  As well, though the sex trade continues to be a problem, Hollywood continues to glorify the sexualization of women, at an increasingly young age.  There is no talk of respecting women because of their sex, and modesty and purity are made out to be oppression - whereas highly talented actresses having their worth measured by the nudity they show in films, is apparently not a form of oppression.
Thirdly, Christian's should be disturbed by the fact that the only mention of God was when His name was taken in vain.  There was a time five years ago when it was common for winners to thank God for their success.  Whether these people had a true relationship with Christ we can't know.  But in the past two years it has become as if even addressing God is taboo.  No one does it. And yet the show was peppered with phrases we should find EXTREMELY offensive.  Again - this is an area where it is easy for us to have become so desensitized, but we must not let it slip by as unimportant.

Did you watch the OSCARS last night?

What did you notice?


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  2. I used to enjoy watching award shows and seeing the fashion, but my convictions have changed. I can't watch them at all now. They not only glorify sexualization of girls, profanity, fornication, and adultery, but they were also causing me to be envious on a certain level of their wealth and ability to travel "freely". How preposterous to want that lifestyle in any way, shape, or form! Thank God that He is delivering me from that more and more each day.