About Our Family

Our family began in March of 2011 when Andrew and I were married.  Shortly after, God blessed us with our first child - Jake -  named after his grandfather.   He was born in January 2012 and 2 years and 6 days after that we welcomed our first daughter, Elisabeth!

Andrew and I were both raised in Christian homes and are so thankful that the Lord drew us to Him.  We are both passionate about encouraging other Christians in their walk with the Lord, which is the main reason why we started this blog.  We hope that what you read here will encourage you in areas of your life that you have already submitted to God, and to make you consider those you haven't.

A Little Bit About Andrew:

Andrew is the oldest of three brothers and they were all homeschooled until University, where Andrew studied Engineering.  Some might describe him as "serious" or "intense", but he has a wonderfully goofy side, and loves to make Jake giggle, which he does better than anyone else!  He has a deep desire to lead our family in God's ways, and does so lovingly and with purpose.  He has taken an interest in economics in the years since we've been married - and somehow he manages to find time to share his thoughts and knowledge with you here at WHO CAN STAND.  

 A little bit about Stephanie:

Stephanie is overwhelmed with how God has shown himself strong in her life.  Desiring to live in a manner pleasing to God since her younger years, she however went through a feminist stage during University, and took up a lifestyle contrary to God's word. However God drew her back to Himself and she considers her life a living testimony to God's goodness!  She has been a voracious reader from her youth and loves stimulating conversation about big ideas!  Stephanie revels in her role as homemaker!  She loves to cook and bake and take on sewing projects beyond her ability!

A little bit about Jake:

Jake is now a big brother!  He's a tough little guy who loves to climb and will often make impromptu jungle gyms out of chairs turned on their sides or a folded up stroller.  Everyone describes him as a smiley, happy toddler.  He seems to have a love for music and whether its classical or contemporary he can be found singing along and swaying to the music!  We pray that he will grow up to be a man after God's heart, and are so astounded to have been given the responsibility of raising him!

A little bit about Elisabeth:

Elisabeth, born in January 2014, has showed us already how different it is having a daughter from a son!  We love her to bits and she is blessing us already with her smiles, wiggles, coos and snuggles.  Jake is enamored already with little sister - saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and holding her hands very gently at intervals throughout the day.  We pray that God would use us to grow her in his ways, and that she would have the blessing of being a wife and mother someday.

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  1. What a great family picture! My husband & I were also married in 2011 - only 7 months after you :) I found your blog through the "Blogger Meet & Greet" & am looking forward to reading more of your blog!


  2. Love your bio! I went through a bit of a rebellious, careerist stage, too,but God brought me back. I'm now a homemaker, too, and I love it. I already follow your blog but wanted to say hi since I saw you on the Meet and Greet. :)

  3. Absolutely LOVE all the pictures you chose for this, especially that last one! The new design looks great!

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how similar you and I are - I clearly remember being closer to God when I was younger and during college I drew away from Him towards Feminism but now He has called me back to Him again!!
    Really enjoyed reading your bio and can't wait to explore your blog!
    God bless!

    1. Wow Bibi, how neat! I can't wait to check out your blog too! :)