Tuesday 23 July 2013

Week 4 - Trim Healthy Mama Diet

This is probably the diet you are least likely to have heard of out of the ones we've tried over the course of the last month.  It is based on a pretty recent book called Trim Healthy Mama, written by two sisters. It's really aimed at mothers who are trying to lose their baby weight - but also provides alterations to carry on as a lifestyle once you have reached your desired weight.  I've read many reviews and two good friends have been doing, and loving it.  Many people are saying it gives them more energy - which is really what I want!

That said, today I'm going to explain it really briefly and give you our meal plan.  On Thursday I'll share some other posts from a friend who has written about it and posted a number of recipes, and on Friday (or maybe Saturday) we will tell you our experience with the diet!

This is going to be a REALLY basic breakdown of the plan.  Basically the idea is that you eat one fuel source at a time (fat or carbs) so that your body is burning one type of fuel source and not storing a bunch of the other one.  That means meals are broken into two major categories - "Satisfying", which are high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates and "Energizing", which are high in carbohydrates and protein, and low in fat.

There are a few other subcategories, and once you're just trying to maintain your weight you can eat more "Crossovers", which are a more balanced meal of fat, protein and carbs.

Pretty simple eh!?  They also focus on low glycemic foods like berries and sweeteners other than refined sugar, as well as staying away from white (and even whole wheat) flours.

Here's what we ate for our Trim Healthy Mama week:

B: Fried Eggs
L: A - thin crust pizza with meat, cheese, veggies, baked brie (out for lunch)
D: A - Cajun Shrimp with bok choy and jasmine rice, S - Meatloaf with mashed potatoes (out for dinner)

B: Blueberry porridge
L: Macaroni salad (at parent's)
D: Cheeseburger Pie

B: Cottage cheese, almond butter, raspberries
L: Chicken wings, shepherd's pie, ceasar salad
D: Cheesy Cauliflower Soup with Bacon

B: Fried Eggs with Lettuce and Sauteed Mushrooms
L: Grilled Cheese, leftover soup, salad
D: S: Naked Steak Burrito, A - Rye Bread with Laughing Cow Cheese, lettuce and almonds

B: Oats and Berries with 0% Greek Yoghurt, apples and almond butter
L: S - pork and beans with a few nachos, A -
D: Cabbage Rolls

B: Oats, Berries, Yogurt
L&D: A - tuna and salami sandwiches, S - off plan for day!

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  1. Ok, this sounds good except I cannot stand to eat eggs at Breakfast, eww! Any other time of the day fine,...do you have any other breakfast food to substitute for that meal time instead of the egg?

  2. oh yes do you know any good recipes for kids? My 3 year old is picky with veggies. He'll eat fruits and meat, veggies I have a hard time getting him to swallow. Help?