Wednesday 5 June 2013

Our first giveaway - in celebration of our new baby!

In case you missed it, we shared this news on Monday, (with a Pinterest worthy announcement)! And we thought it would be a great way to celebrate by hosting a giveaway for our readers!

So we'd like to introduce you to Abort73 - an organization we have supported for a while in their work to raise awareness about abortions and work towards helping woman choose life.

Maybe right now you're thinking "Waitaminute - shouldn't you be giving away baby blankets or maternity clothes or something?".  We think there is no better time to speak out against abortion than the present.  The truth is that right now our baby is 3 weeks old, and many would consider that not even a baby, let alone one whose life matters.  We believe otherwise.  When I was pregnant with my first child, Jake, the horrors of abortion became all the more clear to me because of the life I had inside me, and the overwhelming love I had for him from the moment I knew he existed.  Pregnant woman are in a special position to speak out against abortion, as they are carrying around an argument against it right inside them.

Abort73 has a creative marketing strategy designed to draw people to their super informative and well-designed website - and I know it works, because it worked for me!  I first discovered, when I saw a friend wearing this shirt:

I didn't ask her about it, but I went home and typed in the website.  The t-shirt was so compelling, I was curious about the website it was advertising!  What I found was an extremely well made website full of information such as:
  • Well-written articles on just about every facet of the abortion issue
  • Information and resources for pregnant women
  • Resources for women who have had abortions
  • Testimonies from women who regret their abortions
  • Statistics, history, and the legality of abortion

I shared it with Andrew and told him I'd love one of their shirts, in order to carry on spreading the word.  Today I own the above, as well as these two:

And have got my eye on these ones:

Michael Speirman, the founder and director of Abort73, has generously offered to give away two shirts, of the winners' choosing

One thing I love about these shirts is the high quality of design and creativity put into them. Also the actual t-shirts are SO comfortable, I probably wear them on average twice a week.  In their selection of shirts you'll find something for everyone - both the very bold and the meeker personalities!  We can all speak out against abortion.  And by wearing an Abort73 shirt, you can let your shirt do the talking!

Enter below (the giveaway will be open for one week) and then head on over to their website so you make sure you know which shirt you want.  And whether you win or not, keep Abort73 on your radar and spread the word! 

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  1. This is awesome! Only problem is what is the URL? Lol sorry I'm a little slow.... ;)

  2. Thanks Sarah! Just post the URL of your Facebook page. Make sense?