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Norwex (website - Facebook page)

Interested in creating a healthier environment for your family, while also saving time and money?  Norwex "clean without chemicals" is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health and improve quality of life.  

I was introduced to Norwex over 2 years ago, and my husband and I immediately saw the value of these products.  What peace of mind knowing I am not introducing any toxic chemicals into our home, while also being confident of getting rid of the germs and bacteria within!  Our investment  in Norwex products has payed off both in time and money, and even more importantly - in the health of our family.  Long before Norwex came on as a Sponsor, we were raving about how much we love it, and we still do!

Sarah Van Hartingsveldt, a stay-at-home mom to three boys, began selling Norwex as a flexible way to earn income, while ensuring her first priorities remain being a wife and mother.  We've been extraordinarily impressed with Sarah's customer service and I know you won't regret switching to Norwex, especially with Sarah at your side!

Check out the full line of Norwex products or hop on over to Sarah's Norwex Facebook Page for product sales, cleaning inspiration, and more!

Build a Menu (website - Facebook page)

The idea for Build A Menu first originated in early 2010 when Karee Blunt was searching the internet trying to find a meal planning service that would work for her busy family. After trying a few services, she realized what she was looking for wasn’t out there and the idea behind Build A Menu was born.

Karee enlisted her sister, Lisa Holcomb, as her business partner and together the two of them began researching, planning and brainstorming all the ways they could make their menu planning site everything they needed to make menu planning fast, easy and most importantly, budget friendly. 

During one of their discussions, they talked about the idea of giving part of the proceeds to orphan care ministries and suddenly, the business took on a whole new purpose! (Between the two of their families, they have five adopted children.) They realized Build A Menu has the potential to be more than just a meal planning service as they now use it as a platform to raise money for orphan care charities. They are thrilled to be on this adventure together making a difference in the lives of busy families, as well as children all around the world!

You can also read about how Build a Menu was the solution to our family's 5pm meltdowns!

Monticello Soap Company (website - Facebook page)

 Monticello Soap Company was started by Alyssa, a homeschooling graduate and sister to five! What began as a "let's try something new" project has grown into a budding business.  Monticello Soap Company makes quality natural soaps and has recently added a line of lip balms to it's product base.  Soaps come in scents like lavender, lemongrass and honey oat among many others, and are offered in two sizes.  On their website you can get a sneak peek at how the soap is made, and they also specialize in bulk and custom orders.  If you're lucky enough to be in Illinois or Texas, you can get Monticello Soap Company products in-store!

What is really special to me about partnering with Monticello Soap Company is that Alyssa is a dear friend of mine.  We met in 2009 at the Sufficiency of Scripture conference in Cincinnati and kept in touch via email until last year when we were blessed to be reunited at the White Unto Harvest conference!  It has been really neat to see Monticello Soap Company grow into what it is now, and especially to know that all along - as her website boldly declares - it is being done "Soli Deo Gloria" - all for the glory of God.  I can't wait to see what new things Monticello Soap Company comes out with next!

I do hope you'll visit their website, and you can also follow on Facebook for product updates.


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